A friendly, flexible service providing owners with regular, occasional or one-off dog walks.

 One full hour dog walk.

I walk in various places so they won’t get bored.

 I pick them up and drop them off.

They have their own crate or space in an air conditioned car.

 If dogs are dirty I do my best to clean them up by towelling them down.

 I always check they are left with plenty of fresh water. 

I write in the diary or text to reassure you that your dog is home safe and to keep owners informed of their dogs walk.

I enjoy sending any photographs or videos I may have taken.

Check the house has been locked securely.

rab 2    cat 2


Feed, water, change bedding/ litter tray.

Give cuddles!

Happy to give any medication needed.

Any home security required: opening/closing curtains, switching lights on or off.  Moving post.  

Putting out rubbish bins etc.  Burglar alarm.

              Watering plants.                  

  Feeding garden birds.